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We Offer ~

  • Slab Replacement
  • Garage Raising
  • Straighten & Bracing Building
  • Restoration


 We are the "GO TO" company in MN that can raise your garage, install a new cement slab, also straighten and brace your garage.
Badger & Zaps, LLC services the entire Minneapolis, Saint Paul, 7 county metro area, and surrounding area of Minnesota.


As a Garage Mover ~

Badger & Zaps LLC provides a "hands-on" service of raising and supporting your existing garage to pour a new slab.

If your garage slab is deteriorated we will raise the garage and your concrete contractor can install a new slab or we will contract the entire job for you.

We have been working in the field of house moving, garage moving, and resale for 50 years. I have since consolidated the business to "on-site" work. We specialize in raising your garage to pour a new slab of concrete, straightening, bracing, and repairing.

Garage raising and slab replacement is what we specialize in.

We Specialize in Garage Raising and Slab Replacement in the Minneapolis-St. Paul & Surrounding Area

Garage Raising

Homeowners often want their garages raised because the floor has become cracked and broken due to settling and frost. If your garage slab is cracked you should call Frank. We have a special jacking system to raise the garage and support it. Then pour a new slab over the old one. The garage needs to be a detached garage.

Anchor Bolts

Badger and Zaps, LLC use wooden legs through the 2x4 plate with nuts and washers to support the structure. That way the concrete can get out to the forms and leave a smooth finish & the method saves the customer the expense of removing the old slab. Since the new surface is at least 6" above grade you will never have water on the floor again.

Slab Replacement

If your garage floor is sunken and cracked we are the company to call to replace the slab. In most cases, the existing slabs are at grade and a large part of the problem is water on the floor, along with the cracks. In all the years of replacing damaged slabs, we have never had a callback complaint.

Recent Work

Garage floor completed.
Built a frame inside to support the boathouse.
The blocks were pushed in by freezing over the years.
Supporting a three-season porch for a new foundation.
Finished project.
And you want it to look like this.
Two-foot grid rebar - prepping for slab installation.
A beautiful sunrise In Minnesota
A beautiful sunset In Minnesota.




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